The future is quantum.

Q-munity is a training platform aimed at developing a quantum-competent workforce.

What We Do


Dive deep into quantum computing with our various online courses; made with no prerequisites.

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We have curated the best opportunities and events in the quantum space to ensure your success.

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Your quantum journey begins and ends with the people by your side. Our goal is to help you find your people.

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Our Story

Q-munity is a student-led organization that aims to educate today's youth about quantum computing. We hope that our resources will allow the next generation to tackle the world's greatest problems with the knowledge, skills, and passion for quantum computing that we cultivate.

We host both in-person and online events to educate our participants; we also provide a platform for individuals to connect, collaborate, and share their quantum computing knowledge with their peers.

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"Before Q-munity, I expected that quantum computing had to be done at really complicated facilities but now I know I can learn it from anywhere"

Eason Wu - 14 year old student from Ottawa, Canada

"Q-munity put more to the argument that quantum computing is learnable!"

Laura Oudovik - Parent of Q-munity Student

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