High-School Quantum Computing Fellowship

It's time to implement your new learnings—not just read about them.

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What is the Q-munity High-School Fellowship?

The Q-munity High-School Fellowship program matches high-schoolers around the world to internships with mentors specializing in various aspects of quantum computing. The mentor and student will work together for three months to improve the student’s knowledge of quantum computing and complete a final project.

What You Will Do

Learn Foundational Quantum Knowledge

Students will be exposed to foundational knowledge in quantum through resources and seminars provided by their mentor. The mentee will work on several mini-projects before their final report.

Experience a Quantum Career

One of the principal advantages of the Q-munity fellowship is your ability to shadow your mentor. You'll be able to experience a quantum career through invites to seminars, conferences or lunch meetings.

Answer a Research Question

Alongside your dedicated quantum mentor, students will build and present a final project. We're focused on getting you to implement your new learnings—not just read about them.

Additional Information

Who is eligible to apply?

How long will the program last?

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When do applications close?

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Applications for 2022 are open now!