Q-munity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit striving to connect and teach young individuals about quantum computing.

We believe that we can can make a substantial impact on the way students are introduced to and learn about quantum computing. Anyone, anywhere should have the tools they need to learn.

Q-munity gives you a community of hundreds of other technologists, just like you. Meet one another, collaborate on projects, and build. We have fun. Join us.

"We started Q-munity to prove them wrong"

Quantum computing has the potential to change the world. The more people who learn about it, the more we will be able to harness and apply that potential. Our founders noticed a preconception with our audience that graduate degrees in mathematics, physics, or computer science are necessary to even get started with the technology. It wasn't just high school students–even some pros in the field didn't believe they could've began their research until grad school. We started Q-munity to prove them wrong. Our resources are made by high-schoolers for high-schoolers, giving you a in-depth education without prerequisites.

Our Principles

Empowering and Inclusive

With our products, we want to instill confidence in the user. Regardless of their age, education and background, users should not question their ability while interacting with the product. They should feel empowered and in control.

Familiar and Functional

Our core design philosophy is drawn from the real-world, leveraging the a student's past interactions with fundamentals. Our content should be straightforward and self explanatory. Every feature should increase usefulness without adding complexity.

Science-based Program

Our philosophy stems from high-schoolers creating content for high-schoolers; no prerequisites. Our content comes from evidence-based protocols, technology, and behavioral change psychology to deliver only the right information.