Q-munity Vision

The first tech conference built for students.
FEBRUARY 6-7, 2021

Learn. Build. Connect.

Q-munity Vision is the first tech conference designed solely for students. Vision attracts the brightest young individuals around the world for two days of learning, building and connecting. Our speakers include thought leaders on AI, Blockchain, Genomics, Quantum Computing, and more. At the same time, students can participate in the Vision Challenge; a competition to solve big problems using emerging technology.


The event is open to all high school and early college students who are passionate about emerging technology and are willing to dedicate time to learning.


Q-munity Vision will take place on the weekend of February 6 and 7th, 2021. The day will begin at 12PM Eastern Standard Time.


Due to the health regulations, Vision will be held online in 2021. We will be using a virtual events platform to ensure the best possible experience for our audience.

The Vision Challenge

The Vision Challenge is our way of discovering the next generation of innovators. Spanning 15+ emerging technology industries, each student will leave with something they didn't know before. Students will work to identify a problem, build out their ideas and compete for prizes.


Our Partners

Discovering the next generation's biggest innovators.

The Vision Challenge is a two-month sprint designed for young individuals to explore and create using emerging technology. Students identify a problem in the real world and innovate a solution using emerging technology including AI, quantum computing, gene editing, robotics, and more. Participants can win up to $1,000 to fund their startup idea and gain access to premier startup acceleration programs.

Your Task

Given problem x, how can we use today's cutting-edge technology to help solve it? Create a problem statement and present your emerging technology solution as a startup pitch.


  • A 5-minute recorded startup pitch detailing your solution
  • A paragraph talking about: p​r​o​b​l​e​m being addressed, your solution, how your solution is better than the current, the process you went through to build it, and other relevant details
  • Have all team members registered as attendees for Q-munity Vision


This challenge is open to all middle-school, high-school and early university students. No coding experience needed! Team sizes can range from 1 to 5 members.

Awards and Prizes

Grand Prize 💵

This prize will be awarded to the best-overall team.

$1,000 cash prize
spot in LOI startup incubator

Category Prize 🎁

This prize will be awarded to the best team in each category + the best all-female team.

$200 cash prize

Participation ⭐️

This prize will be awarded to everybody who participates in the Vision Challenge.

Q-munity merch discount
12 months of Repl.it Premium ($84)


Artificial Intelligence

Many of us picture AI as science fiction, but innovation is here now. And we're excited to see yours :)

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to process information. Harness this tech to change the game.


Genomics is the study of a person's genes. This category can be broken down into dozens of technologies including CRISPR and longevity.

Blockchain & Crypto

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but it's digital. And blockchain is the technology that makes it possible.


If you have other innovative ideas, don't worry! We still want to hear all of your solutions. See a full list of included technologies in the FAQ.

All-Female Team Award

Q-munity is a proud supporter of representation in STEM. We will award the most innovative solution by an all-female team.

Ready to submit? Deadline: Jan. 30th

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What technologies are included in the "Other" category?

Do I have to work with a team?

What is the judging criteria?

When will we know who won?

Do I have to code my solution?

I still have questions, what do I do?

Prize Categories

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