Ages: All
Prerequisites: None
Dates: Jan. 16 - April 10, 2022
Tools Covered: Qiskit, qBraid, Python
Time: Sunday, 11AM EST
Tuition: $350 (scholarships available)


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Course Description

The QuBes Class is an approachable, interactive introduction to quantum computing. We will be covering important concepts from the quantum world and teaching real applicable skills. You will learn to play quantum chess and use Qiskit to write your own programs on real quantum computers. Our program is unique in that we assume no prior exposure and cover everything from the ground up. Additionally, each students will leave the course with their own original quantum computing project.

In this course, you will:​

- Understand the fundamentals of quantum computing
- Use Qiskit to code quantum algorithms
- Finish the course with a capstone project
Your tuition includes:​

- Customized 12-week camp curriculum
- Prominent guest lectures
- Access to instructor office hours
​- Official Q-munity x qBraid diploma

About The Instructors

*Instructors subject to change

Syed Farhan

Syed Farhan is a Quantum researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles working at the intersection of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently pursuing his BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering from RVCE and a MicroMasters in Data Science from MITx. As a Microsoft Gold Student Ambassador, he has founded two international organizations that focus on promoting education and research among high school and undergraduate students. Syed Farhan has also been a Technical Lead for a start-up in India and has considerable experience as a Software Engineer.

Spencer Churchill

Spence Churchill is an IBM Qiskit advocate and author of a book that introduces quantum algorithms using fairy tales. He is currently obtaining his BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. Spence is excited to apply to graduate school for quantum as it brings him closer to his dream of being a professor. He has presented introductory quantum lectures for universities around the world and finds quantum to be incredible. Spence can't wait to share some of its wackiest properties in this course!

In Partnership with qBraid

We've collaborated with qBraid to make the learning experience even better! The qBraid platform is a one-stop solution for learning about and writing programs for quantum computers. It contains integrated courses at varying levels of difficulty, from a general introduction to quantum computing to application-specific tutorials. These courses are hands-on, with all the quantum code executable from cloud-based notebooks

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