We're a  team of creators, thinkers, innovators and hustlers. We approach our work with curiosity and drive, using what we know to create valuable products that connect with people, just like you.

Administrative Team

Anisha Musti

CEO and Co-Founder

Will nerd out over anything tech 🚀 Advocate for #womenintech and making spaghetti a lifestyle www.anishamusti.com

Melody Lee

Content Creator

OG creator of the Q-munity mascot. Avid reader and doodler. Enjoys teaching, learning, and theories.

Alice Liu

Event Coordinator

Event coordinator by day and QML developer by night. Harry Potter enthusiast (#slytherin).

Tanisha Jha

Community Manager

Community relations @qmunity. The brain behind the emails. Never not listening to music 🙂

Krish Lulla

Chief Financial Officer

The man who manages the 💴. Interested in AI and machine learning. Down to file your taxes

Pranav Nair

Community Team and Co-Founder

Creator at heart; whether it's taking photos or making something larger than life, he’s there for it.

Justin Alexander

Growth Marketing Manager

Expert tweeter. Certified nerd. Pro b-ball fanatic 🏀. Will destroy you in cup pong.

Jonathan He

Communications and Strategic Initiatives Manager

Always dreaming big 😴. Putting innovative ideas into action. Connecting experts with the community.

Samiha Tashin

Content Creator

Content creator @ Q-munity. In a loop of reading, learning and philosophizing. Watches anime to get refueled.

Fabiha Noshin

Content Creator

Interested in Physics and mathematics ♾ Loves to read books and listen to music.

Jyoti Rani

Chief Growth Officer

Constantly curious (esp about QML). Growing access to quantum education. Loves 🧘🏽‍♀️near water

Risha Bansal

Growth Marketing

Interested in robotics and machine learning. Constantly reading and listening to music. #womeninstem

What we do

What we don't

Follow a vision
Waste time
Think big
Reject feedback
Have grit
Have egos
Keep toxic people
Promote diversity
Resist Chipotle

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