QuBes Camp

Q-munity's QuBes Camp (Quantum Beginner's Camp) is an affordable, high-quality camp experience for high school students. Our program offers an innovative curriculum that combines years of learning into two comprehensive weeks, designed for the digital world.

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Ages: High School + University
Prerequisites: None
Dates: July 5th-16th, 2021
Tools Covered: Qiskit, qBraid, Python
Time: Qiskit, qBraid, Python
Tuition: $200 (scholarships available)


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Course Description

The QuBes Camp is an approachable, interactive introduction to quantum computing. We will be covering important concepts from the quantum world and teaching real applicable skills. You will learn to play quantum chess and use Qiskit to write your own programs on real quantum computers. Our program is unique in that we assume no prior exposure and cover everything from the ground up. Additionally, each students will leave the course with their own original quantum computing project.

In this course, you will:​

- Explore the fundamentals of quantum computing
- Use Qiskit to code quantum algorithms
- Develop coding and critical thinking skills​
Your tuition includes:​

- Customized 2-week camp curriculum
- Take-home project
- Access to instructor office hours
​- Official Q-munity x qBraid diploma

About The Instructors

*Instructors to be added

Erik Weis

Erik Weis is a quantum software engineer at qBraid. He has previously taught math/physics at the high school level. Erik graduated Dartmouth College in 2018, where he majored in physics and did research at the intersection of quantum computing and quantum chemistry.

Andrea Coladangelo

Andrea Coladangelo is currently a postdoc at the Universidad of California, Berkeley and Ph.D. from Caltech, where his thesis was titled Quantum Correlations, Certifying Quantum Devices, and the Quest for Infinite Entanglement. He received his BA and MA in Mathematics from the Universidad of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, respectively. Previously, Andrea has interned in IBM Research’s quantum group. Andrea is an expert in quantum cryptography and his research is principally concerned with how we can certify the behavior of quantum devices, and once these devices can be trusted, what kinds of cryptographic tasks are realizable that are beyond the reach of classical computers. He believes that the quantum revolution will be a marathon and he is passionate about training the next generation of researchers, programmers, and engineers to “think quantum.”

In Partnership with qBraid

We've collaborated with qBraid to make the learning experience even better! The qBraid platform is a one-stop solution for learning about and writing programs for quantum computers. It contains integrated courses at varying levels of difficulty, from a general introduction to quantum computing to application-specific tutorials. These courses are hands-on, with all the quantum code executable from cloud-based notebooks

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