Quantum Resources for Beginners

Quantum Resources for Beginners

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that’s bound to take over the future. Over the years, the demand for growth of quantum computing has increased abundantly; so much so that there has been an increasing amount of quantum computing organizations forming in universities, institutes, and corporations. The resources and technologies used for quantum computing are becoming more easily accessed. The youth of society are partaking in the expanding interest in this field as well. So, where are the top quantum researchers gaining information, and where are they spreading it? In this article, we’re going to inform you of the best quantum computing learning resources. 

QC Learning Resources for Beginners 

If you’re looking for a way to ease into quantum computing, you’re in luck. Coursera has been hosting free courses in “The Introduction to Quantum Computing” offered by Saint Petersburg State University. This five-week course includes different themed topics for each week, such as “Mathematical Model of Quantum Computing” and “Quantum Computer Application Boundaries”.  Not only can you start from the beginning, you can enroll without paying a dime! Coursera is described as a path to gain necessary skills, and a great way to maintain a consistent pace of learning by customers. 

Quantum Computing Business

Mit xPro provides a two-course online program from MIT, where it explains how quantum computing will rock the business world in the near future. This course combines the ethics of business with the basics of quantum computing to prepare you for the quantum computing revolution. This program will allow you to gain several new skills, such as being able to integrate business applications in quantum computing, evaluating key techniques to reach the quantum computing potential, and more. The course requests a fee; however, there are free resources included on the website which are worth taking a look at. 

Jumpstarting your Quantum Computing Career

“Quantum 101: Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet” provided by edX. This course is self-paced, includes expert instructions, and you will acquire necessary skills needed to dig deeper in quantum computing. You will become proficient in quantum algorithms, implementations of qubits, how to work with a quantum processor, and much more with the help of exceptional instructors from Delft University of Technology. 

Machine Learning Made Easy

Google has a crash course that covers the basics of machine learning and AI. This course includes practice in machine learning, 25+ lessons, interactive visuals, exploration of real-world problems, and much more. This incredible course is an ideal place to start your quantum computing journey, and it’s free! Take this quiz to see if this is the right program for you.

Pure Quantum

Understanding quantum computing is an essential key to beginners and rookies. Fortunately, we have just the thing. FutureLearn is a 4 week course where you’ll get a proper introduction to the key concepts of quantum computing. Here’s a taste of what kind of topics are covered in this course: Waves and interference, quantum chemistry and machine learning, quantum error correction, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be prepared for a mathematical course in quantum information concepts, identify the importance of quantum, and much more. 

For those who have experience in imperative programming languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python, etc.), the tools found in their respective ecosystems (e.g. IDEs, compilers, debuggers, etc.), and experience with basic data structures and algorithms (i.e. you should have seen at least some of this material before) it’s your time to shine. UC Berkeley extension has a program to put you where you need to be in the process of grasping the basics of quantum fundamental principals. With this course, you’ll be able to get hands-on experience with quantum computing and develop fundamental physics principles and the right mathematical foundation needed for quantum computing. 

Codes And Tools to Try Out

IBM Quantum Experience is a free interactive tool that gives you access to highly advanced quantum computers. Explore this program by learning new things such as developing and learning programs. Whether you’d like to try for fun, or you want more coding practice, it’s an excellent course of action!

Quantum Computing Playground is a software that takes you on a roller coaster of information, visuals, and interactive works. Playing with algorithms has never been more fun!

Introducing ProjectQ, a software that allows any user to apply their quantum programs in Python. These quantum programs are then run on classic computers or quantum chips, translated by ProjectQ. ProjectQ establishes a fun and diverse way to put any quantum programs to use, while making your quantum dreams come true. How cool would it be to see your very own programs run on a quantum chip

Need more motivation?

Be a part of the emerging technology that’s going to take over the future. Quantum computing is destined for many great things--and so are you! Joining this vast and incredible field will allow you to not only discover your potential but make a difference, and you’ve come to the right place to start. Start your future and unlock your potential now. 

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