Top QC Courses to Start Your Year Off Right

Top QC Courses to Start Your Year Off Right

The season of making and breaking New Years’ resolutions has arrived and, with newfound determination re-emerging (as it does annually), what better time to learn something new? 

As our understanding of the potential of quantum computing continues to develop, gaining a preliminary look into implementations of quantum computing from all different perspectives becomes especially valuable.

Q-munity Tech Courses

Quantum 101

Cost: $350.00 USD (fee waiver available)
Dates: Sundays, 11am EST from January 17 - April 11, 2022

Quantum 101, hosted by Q-munity Tech, features engaging content, paired with knowledgeable instructors. With no prior experience required, this course is perfect for individuals who enjoy structured, guided forms of learning. Want to learn Qiskit? Check. Want to code quantum algorithms? Check. Want to play quantum chess? Check, yet again. Ultimately, students will be able to earn a Q-munity x qBraid diploma at the completion of the course.

Q-munity Self-Paced Courses

Cost: Free to $19.99 USD
Dates: Self-paced

In the case you are more partial to independent learning, check out any of the three asynchronous courses Q-munity tech offers. From introductory material to more advanced discussions of quantum computing topics, select the level that is best for you and jump right into learning!


Qiskit Textbook

Cost: Free
Dates: Self-paced

For a non-intensive introduction to the world of quantum computing, the Qiskit textbook is a wonderful resource. The course first introduces the basics of quantum computing, after which Qiskit (based on Python) is introduced, thereby opening the learner to the world of circuits and algorithms, all of which become exceedingly valuable in practice.

Industry Professional Training

MIT xPRO Quantum Computing Fundamentals

Part 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Cost: $2,246 USD
Dates: Varies (current dates listed include January 24, 2022; April 11, 2022; and October 3, 2022)

Part 2: Quantum Algorithms for Cybersecurity, Chemistry, and Optimization

Cost: $1,425 USD
Dates: Varies (current dates listed include February 28, 2022; May 16, 2022; and November 7, 2022)

The course covers the groundwork required for understanding quantum computing in a professional setting. It is part of a two-course program aimed specifically at business and technological applications for quantum computing, making it ideal for companies with the budget to incorporate this into their employee training.

edX Courses

TUDelft Quantum 101: Quantum Computing & Quantum Internet

Cost: $268.20 USD (a markdown from the initial $298 USD)
Dates: Self-paced

In the case you are looking for a program that focuses on the hardware and applications of quantum computing, the quantum computing courses from the Delft University of Technology (DelftX) may be a good place to begin. The course goes over topics covering the likes of quantum hardware, quantum architecture, algorithms, and quantum internet, culminating in a professional certificate from the DelftX institution. 

UChicagoX Professional Certificate in Quantum Computing for Everyone

Cost: $358.20 USD (a markdown from the initial $398 USD)
Dates: Self-paced

As with the DelftX course, the University of Chicago offers an online, self-paced program consisting of two courses taught by Kate Smith, the Chicago Quantum Exchange IBM Postdoctoral Scholar, and Diana Franklin, an associate professor of computer science at the University of Chicago. Jump into learning the fundamental physics underlying quantum operations and approach the implementation of quantum computing from the problem-solving perspective. 

MicroMasters Program in Quantum Technology: Computing (Purdue University)

Cost: $4,725 USD (a markdown from the initial $5,250 USD)
Dates: Current open for registration (Instructor-led)

The program, initiated by Purdue University, is a part of the edX MicroMasters program, consisting of a series of graduate-level courses to be taken over (what presumably are) two consecutive semesters. The introductory course takes a career-based approach to introducing concepts. Upon completion and the earning of a satisfactory grade, learners are credited with certificates that could be used towards more advanced degrees. 

In the case the cost of this course is a concern, there is also an archived PurdueX course available here, available for limited access audit.


With this array of courses on hand, why not start your quantum journey today? If you are in need of some productivity tips on learning new subjects, check out several of the articles from Fiveable here. Regardless of where you are in your life, it is never too late to immerse yourself into something new and exciting. Best of luck with your quantum journey, and godspeed.

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